400 East Fifth Street, EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO





Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

The Museum closes for the winter months of January, February, and March. Call (330-386-6001) for exact closing and opening dates.

Admission fees are:  Adult $6.00, Children, $3.00. OHC and MoC Members are free as are military personnel.


The Museum of Ceramics is located at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Street in East Liverpool, Ohio. The address is:  400 East Fifth Street, East Liverpool, OH 43920.


Guided tours are available during open hours and must be scheduled in advance. The Museum will also try to accommodate requests for evening tours and tours during January, February, and March.  Interested parties should call the Museum at 330-386-6001 to make arrangements. During the closed winter months, call 330-708-1152. Adult tours have a reduced fee of $1.00.  

Special, age appropriate tours are available for school groups. "Free for Fourth" is a hands-on tour designed for fourth grade classes and is free.

Learn more about programs for kids at the Museum of Ceramics!