400 East Fifth Street, EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO

The Museum


Meet the Staff!

Susan Weaver is the Museum Director.  Barrie Acher is the artist-in-residence and teaches all clay classes. Jennifer Barrett and Melissa Waggle work the gift shop and other departments of MoC. Meredith Aracich "fills-in" on an as needed basis in any capacity.  Vince Waggle oversees the maintenance of the building and grounds.  The Director is the only full-time employee so all workers are cross-trained.  

Museum of Ceramics Foundation
Board of Directors

MoC is funded by the Museum of Ceramics Foundation and the Ohio History Connection.  Directors of the Foundation include:  Jackman S. Vodrey (President and Treasurer), Catherine S. Vodrey (Secretary),  Timothy Brookes, Carol Mason, and William Gray. 

It all began when...

William Vodrey had an idea!  Vodrey, a descendent of Jabez Vodrey, an early East Liverpool pottery owner, believed the history of the pottery industry was a story worth telling.  In 1967, as President of the Ohio Historical Society’s Board of Trustees (now the Ohio History Connection or OHC), he suggested that the city’s old Post Office would be a good site for a Museum.  In 1970, the state of Ohio purchased the building and ten years later the Museum of Ceramics opened to the public.  William Vodrey was instrumental in the progress up until his death in 1979.  His son, Jackman Vodrey, has carried on his father’s legacy through constant support and by serving as current President of the Museum of Ceramics Foundation. 

Preserving the Pottery Legacy

The majority of the collection came from the East Liverpool Historical Society.  The organization placed on permanent loan to the OHC, a vast collection of pottery, documents, and photographs.   The Ohio History Connection, William Gates, Jack Lanam, and Harold Barth all contributed, in various ways, to the creation of the museum.

The Museum’s building is a Beaux Arts style structure, built in 1909.  The architect was James Knox Taylor.  Taylor was the Supervising Architect for the United States Department of the Treasury.  The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.  The Museum of Ceramics is funded by the Museum of Ceramics Foundation and the Ohio History Connection.  Museum administrators (curators, directors) have included William Gates, Robert Fryeman, Mark Twyford, Sarah Vodrey, and currently, Susan Weaver.