400 East Fifth Street, EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO





First Floor: Permanent Exhibit

The first floor of the Museum is devoted to the history of the pottery industry and the area.  See yellow ware and Rockingham pieces that were made by the earliest potters in East Liverpool.  Of special interest is a 170 year old "Great Wheel" (potter's wheel), that is one of only six remaining in the U.S.   A large collection of Lotus Ware, a fine bone china made by Knowles, Taylor, and Knowles in the 1890s, is another attraction.  Paintings by Roland Schweinsburg depict the worklife of potters.  A small gift shop features jewelry made from pottery shards of Homer Laughlin China Company's Fiesta Ware.  

decorating shop.jpg

Lower Level: Permanent Exhibit

The lower level has two areas of interest.  The first, production, is realized with four life-size dioramas of a jigger shop, kiln, decorating shop, and salesroom.  The other half of the floor is comprised of display cases organized by individual pottery company.  These cases provide a brief company history and exhibit ware that was typical of the specific pottery.. There is also a display of rare, personalized shaving mugs.  

leap the dips.jpg

Rock Springs Park

A temporary exhibit of Rock Spring Park, an amusement park that operated i Chester WV is coming soon. Watch here for details.