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notable acquisitions


Harker Inkwell

This pristine inkwell, that depicts William Pitt with the Iroquois Indians, was donated by William and Donna Gray (2017). The Grays are avid collectors and authored the book “Harker Pottery.” The inkwell is yellow ware with a Rockingham glaze and dates to the 1840s. The age and condition of this piece make it a rare and valuable addition to the MoC collection. It is exhibited in the entrance Gallery of the Museum


Lotus Ware

Cindy (left) and Marc Hoffrichter are seen here with MoC Director Susan Weaver as they donate a rare Lotus Ware ewer (2018). The ewer is unusual in that it is embellished with a portrait of President McKinley. Marc present a MoC Talk on McKinley and concluded the lecture with this valuable donation. Lotus Ware was made by Knowles, Taylor, and Knowles for a few years in the 1890s.


Homer Laughlin Vase, Sun Porch Decor, 1938

This Homer Laughlin Vase is in pristine condition was donated by John Cossavella. It is inscribed on the bottom with a Homer Laughlin logo and “1938, Tom Parker, W Berrisford.” Also written on the bottom are the names Ida Woods and Frank Katz. William (Bill) Berrisford was John Cossavella’s grandfather. Bill, along with Arthur Kraft, worked closely with Frederick Hurten Rhead in the development of the original Fiesta shapes during the1930s.  Mr.  Rhead created and designed the Fiesta dinnerware line while Mr. Berrisford and Mr. Kraft created (by hand) the original models of the Fiesta shapes.